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Live Nation Entertainment, Inc is an American global entertainment company, founded in 2010, following the merger of Live Nation and Ticketmaster. The company promotes, operates, and manages ticket sales for live entertainment in the United States and internationally. It also owns and operates entertainment venues, and manages the careers of music artists.

Lisa shared her experience, "Bought tickets at Live Nation with poor view due to pit and tried to switch it right away and they couldn't help with an exchange. Told me to resell them, ha ha. I paid 97.50 and now can't even get half that. Ended up purchasing new seats now have to eat the cost of the $#*! seats. Oh, the new seats are now cheaper 4 four days later, what a joke. Lost money with Live Nation. Never again! Horrible customer service borderline crooks."


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Sponsorship Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Ignoring the company laying off / furloughing 30%+ of the company, this organization really tries to make itself look like the ultimate place to work. Look at the same exact positions elsewhere and you will realize that they pay much less, but subsidize your pay with free leftover concert merchandise and tickets. Poor pay, and depending on your role, you may or may not be overworked for no extra pay. New managers have absolutely no idea how to manage personalities, and it shows. They need better training without a doubt. If you are applying, ask for salary first and foremost, and KNOW YOUR WORTH.Leftover concert merchandise and ticketsOverworked, underpaid, poor management, low 401k match"

Runner with hard R (Former Employee) says

"This job is for star stricken dipshits who think they are “part of the show.” Tours take advantage of you and your time and respect neither. Watch dumb, hot women get ahead of you based on the promoter wanting to screw them. Unpaid and under appreciated. Dangerous work environment, inhumane long hours driving unsafe vans. Tours try and save money by only hiring 1 runner and working them 20 hours when they should be hiring 2 runners and splitting shifts."

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"They claim "safety" is their top priority! I worked in an area almost completely in the dark. The security check in is a nightmare. Parking is even worse. It would take me two hours to get out of the lot after work. The guests get too drunk and are abusive to staff. Manager gave me no support when guests berated me. I was given a warning because of it. Not very safe."

Live nation maintenance (Former Employee) says

"Great people lots of fun got to see concerts the boss treated people great work as a team enjoyed my environment got to me a lot of different people I was giving task and a timeframe to do them and learn a lot of new stuff"

Picker/Packer/Shipper (Former Employee) says

"They treat us as adults like we're children while working for themselves couldn't talk. The pay isn't worth it and we're standing the whole time besides breaks and lunch."

Executive Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Very dead end kind of position. Ticket Discounts were ok, but for a job that required you to be professional even outside of the work place the pay was mediocre."

Events Director (Former Employee) says

"They will use you and for cheap. They care nothing about you or your family. LN is a joke and hope one day they get bought out and all the higher-ups lose their jobsLolToo many to list and many backstabbers in this company"

Usher (Former Employee) says

"The managers at the hollywood palladium are absolutely terrible. Theres no pay structure. Supervisor made alot less then ushers in some cases. House manager would take the confiscated drugs for his personal use. Definitely would not recommend workingat this venue.NoneThe general manager, the house manager, pay structure, managers play favoritism"

Maintenance (Former Employee) says

"This is not a place to work. Management doesn't care about their employees what so ever. They don't give you the overtime or the money when you do!!!!Free concertsNo food, no discounts"

Usher/Ticket Taker (Former Employee) says

"I was sexually harassed by a fellow employee . my supervisor wouldnt give me a bathroom break when i was 7 months pregnant. It was nice to see the concerts while working"

Stage Manager/Head of Audio (Current Employee) says

"With regard to production, Live Nation is a horrible employer. They will not hire you securely as a full time employee. They won't even hire you as contract. You are an 'as-needed' employee until you work enough hours that your audited labor requires by state law, LN to offer you benefits. This does not mean you are full time, you are still 'as-needed' it only means they are forced in to giving you full time benefits as specified by labor law. This is not a guarantee of hours. Secondly, their pay scale is miles below the average acceptable rate for the jobs they hire people for. They sell the low wage as an introduction wage, or negotiable after the 90 days probation period. They offer minuscule raises beyond that. Working for this company has been nothing but a disappointment and a real eye opener. They care about the bottom line (money) and have zero regard for their employees that physically put on shows. I have a feeling an executive assistant somewhere within Live Nation would feel differently, though. I bet it's great to sit behind a desk as a LN employee, but for those actually putting on the shows they sell, this job is the worst.A lot of experience in a short amount of timebasically everything"

event staff (Former Employee) says

"Hated working for. it really sucks when its hot your out in the sun burning up and never can advance in jobs.great learning jobbad summer weather to work in."

server (Former Employee) says

"While the restaurant may be good, the SECURITY in the concert Hall is ridiculously Bad!!!! I have seen people smoking pot right in front of me, and I am told to let it go.I have watched people do coke in the bathrooms and had to let it go. I have seen People with Knives clipped to their belts let in.I have seen security personal get jumped with little back up. This is a seriously dangerous place to work at. Let alone see a concert. The guards don't care, it just an easy pay for them. As long as the customers are happy, House of Blues does not care about their safety or well being. Bartenders are constantly over serving customers. Making the concert Hall a drunk free for all!"

Housekeeping (Former Employee) says

"Not really much to say outside of it being seasonal work. I worked in housekeeping so I was in charge of making sure bathrooms were stocked and the venue was swept clean. Overall, we were never understaffed and work was easy. It was just awkward dealing with all the drunk people. Management could have been better but I digress.No real pros to be honest outside of getting paid.Wage, seasonal work"

Sales Representative (Current Employee) says

"The calls are back to back and can be overwhelming, rude customers and supervisors are never there to help. will never work at a call center again!!!!nothingShort breaks"

Director (Former Employee) says

"I would not recommend this company. They offer great benefits and extension paid time off....unfortunately it is frowned upon to actually take the time. Management has no training and full of egotistical arrogant people.Benefits"

Ticket Taker (Former Employee) says

"Ticket takers do security work at the end of their shift by policing guests as they leave the venue. Ticket takes to pick up dangerous trash.Low pay. Live Nation wants you to tell guests as they leave the venue that they can not take any alcoholic beverages out of the venue.They want you to watch for stolen items like lawn chairs. Guests don't like this. They throw their drinks at you and yell out vulgarities. Where are the security guards you may ask? Their shift was over! They went home. It is also mandatory for Ticket Takers to CLEAN up the lawn after a show. People are too lazy to take their trash to a trash can, so the ticket takers have to scour the lawn to find cans and other trash and separate it. You find food, phones, knives, even feces. Yes, people do number two on the lawn. Gross. They give you flimsy gloves to pick this stuff up. They have no respect for you or for your safety.What happens if you get stuck with a needle? They don't care. All for a lousy $11 an hour."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Executive leadership in LA turns a blind eye to poor leadership on divisional levels, and let's them stay in what I refer to as "legacy positions" where they essentially get away with everything, without being held accountable. They treat lower level staff as dispensable, and pay salaries well below market rate, which is insulting given that they brag about the record breaking profits they earn every chance they get. This company needs a full purge of leadership by the board of directors. Until that happens, I wouldn't recommend even working there selling concessions. It is a business model that is designed to squeeze the maximum amount productivity out of staff, for the least amount of money, and once they've broke someone down, they're out and never welcomed back.Healthcare benefits, access to shows occasionallyPay, morale, organizational structure"

Sales Manager (Current Employee) says

"company structure is screwed up. You will never advance or make any commission. everyone walks all over each other and treats each other horrible. worst company i have ever worked for."

Office Manager (Former Employee) says

"I was a "temporary" employee but I worked there for 6 years. (I left for a year and came back because I'm dumb.) I got no benefits of any kind. I routinely asked management to train me for a permanent role. I was willing to learn, grow, and do more but no one cared. The structure was pretty chaotic. When I left, my job was posted for twice what I made, as a permanent position with full benefits. I tried hard to make a name for myself but there was no room for advancement. Once you were a "temp" you were a temp. The culture was pretty cliquish, everyone wanted to be a cool kid because it's live music. I worked at a venue. There was questionable activity constantly on behalf of our operations staff, who were also "temporary" permanent employees. Everything there was shady. I really liked my manager, he was a good dude but I wish he'd done more to change things.Free concert tickets, relaxed dress code, flexible hoursNo benefits, shady dealings, unresponsive management, gross facilities"

Danko says

"$14.85 service fee per ticket for an electronica transaction is an absolute rip off I’d rather never go to a concert again then feed money to them"

Amanda says

"Typically when you order online and it says "payment accepted" that would mean that the next day, I will see those funds pending from my account. Not the case with this company- they will just take the money out of your account weeks later and potentially overdraft your account because you suddenly have a bunch of money missing. AND lets not forget how long it takes to get the damn order shipped! WEEKS. No warning that there will be a delay (for no reason by the way.... because its not on backorder) so basically you are now screwed when it comes to Christmas because you dont know when to expect your order. AND dont let me get started on the MANAGER that just threw up his hands and scratched his head in wonder. The only statement he kept repeating is "no guarantee". AWESOME job. Thanks FOR NOTHING!"

Lorraine Canning Bevan says

"I bought a T/shirt from this site and when it eventually arrived I had to pay £11.17 customs charge on a £15.00 T.Shirt no warning on site. so be aware if you buy."

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